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Athens Administration

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Project Detailsx

Client:Athens Administration
Location:New Jersey, USA
Year Completed:2013

Project Overviewx

In our fourth phase of design improvements to an existing 20,000 square foot two-story office building for a family-owned benefits administration business, a consistent design theme is being followed now for almost ten years of changes. Hoped for was a palette that they could use for this office and other satellite offices across the state and beyond.

One of the project goals, since the company serves both public and private clients, was to create an elegant office space without being too conspicuous. A neutral color palette was utilized to create a warm, timeless design with color accents to achieve a calm harmonious work environment.

Small improvements to the entry and exterior signage work with the existing building’s strong exterior geometry adding some wood and metal signage and illuminated identity graphics. Though the building is not that old, there are still challenges to providing an accessible and energy efficient work environment. Constant upgrades to allow full accessibility and ingress egress compliance starting with bathrooms and break room public area improvements have been completed.