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General Consulting

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We are professional hired to offer expertise towards the successful and timely completion of a construction project. We are tasked with assessing the building costs and contracts for construction projects. we work with building contractors and site engineers to draw up plans and implement the design on the site.

David Melech Oliver Construction is a one-stop general contractor who can oversee and simplify the entire project process from permits to plumbing. Thanks to our in-house team of design, trade, and project management specialists, we’re able to complete most – if not all – of your critical construction components without hiring countless subcontractors who will drive up the cost and timeline of your project. With David Melech Oliver Construction, you’ll get one team who can do it all.

In broad terms, a general contractor is responsible for overseeing all the day-to-day coordination of a construction project, managing the on-site work and teams throughout each phase of building. They coordinate with architects and engineers to understand the structural requirements of the project, manage subcontractors, building codes, select and secure materials and equipment, and are primarily responsible for ensuring the overall safety of their job site. General contractors also play an important role in guiding clients through the countless decisions that need to be made during construction.

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Looking for best partner for your next construction works?

Looking for best partner for your next construction works?