Our Favorite Home Decor Trends of the Year

With the new year in full swing, I’ve been scouting out the 2023 home decorating trends and design styles to share with you.  I love taking a look at each year’s interior design trends — especially the ones I think will last beyond the next few months.  And, happily, most of the home decor ideas on this list should stand the test of time, making them easier to adopt.

Before we get into the interior design trends for 2023, as always, I recommend decorating your home in a way that makes you feel great.  So don’t feel like you have to adopt these ideas if they don’t resonate with you or work with the style of your home.  In fact, I don’t think it’s a great idea to jump on every new home trend that comes along.

However, you can’t go wrong in taking a look at the current design trends and styles, because it expands your awareness of what’s out there.  I’ve found that when I look at my spaces with a fresh perspective, I can often repurpose pieces I already own to create a brand new look.

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What are the top home decor trends for 2023?

In the coming year, we’ll see an interesting mix of new and returning trends.  Some of the most popular interior design trends for 2023 include quiet luxury, the return of bold color, natural stone surfaces, closed floor plans, mixed metal finishes, statement lighting, and 60s and 70s influences — particularly in furniture design.

Several themes are appearing for interiors, with “elevated” being one of the keywords for 2023, and you’ll see that concept woven throughout this list.  Luxurious looks, sumptuous fabrics, and understated elegance are in — no matter what decorating style you prefer.

While the decorating trends for 2023 are a varied bunch, they all have the potential to bring a sense of beauty, comfort, and style to your home in the coming year.

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What furniture is in style for 2023?

Due to manufacturing and shipping delays over the past couple of years, furniture styles for 2023 will tend to overlap the trends from last year. That means we’re still seeing plenty of curvy shapes and nubby fabrics, as well as rattan and cane, boucle’ and sherpa, light wood and burl wood finishes.

While curvy, rounded, and slope-armed furniture is still on trend, many interior designers are ready to say goodbye to the curved furniture styles of 2021 and 2022, favoring a return to more streamlined, classic furniture silhouettes in 2023 and beyond.

In addition, if you’re buying a large piece of furniture in 2023, such as a sofa or bed, you might want to choose timeless fabric options like linen, cotton, performance weaves, or velvet — rather than boucle’ or sherpa — as I think the popularity of nubby fabrics in upholstery will wane in the next year or two.

If you really love the look of boucle’ and sherpa, you can still bring that look into your home via pillows, benches, throws, or ottomans instead.

Is farmhouse style out for 2023?

While modern farmhouse decor is still extremely popular, in 2023 we’ll continue to see this style evolve into a more refined look, borrowing aspects from modern European, Belgian farmhouse, coastal, and Scandinavian styles.  This elevated version of modern farmhouse style shows no signs of slowing down in the coming year.

However, the original version of modern farmhouse style from a few years ago no longer feels current.  Even Chip and Joanna are doing something much more sophisticated these days!

Beautiful kitchen design with gray cabinets and striking pendant lights over the islandJean Stoffer Interior Design – pendants

With the addition of  luxurious textures, interesting shapes, natural elements, and a mix of vintage and modern pieces, farmhouse style is maturing into a classic, timeless aesthetic.

What interior design styles are trending for 2023?

In 2023 interiors will increasingly become less about what’s trendy and more about personal expression.  Rather than certain trends increasing or declining, we’re seeing different design styles merging.

For example, modern minimalist style typically incorporates clean lines, neutrals, and black elements; while maximalist style favors layered textures, color, and vintage pieces.  However, we see both design perspectives embracing the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, wool, linen, and rattan, as well as many other trends on this list.

With the lines between different decorating styles blurring, you’re welcome to create your own take on any decorating style you prefer, leading to a more personal approach to interior design and home decor in 2023.

2023 Home Decor Trends and Design Styles

Read on for my predictions for trends in home decor and interior design styles for 2023, including kitchen design trends, furniture, living room decor trends, colors, and a look ahead at the summer into fall 2023 decorating trends.

As you’ll see below, most of these home decor ideas would work well in just about any room in the house — and with just about any decorating style — making them easy to adapt to your home.

Trend 1. Quiet Luxury

Luxurious living and an elevated mindset are where things are headed in 2023, and you’ll see that idea reflected throughout all of the trends on this list.

Fine living doesn’t have to mean fancy or expensive — it’s more about refinement and an elevated approach to how we decorate and live in our homes.

The quiet luxury trend involves creating spaces that feel sumptuous, sophisticated, and timeless — however that looks for you.

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