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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision and goal is to design and build our clients’ dream house through simple and minimalistic architectural design.

Our Mission

Our mission is for every single client to leave our office with a smile on their face and the satisfaction that their needs and desires were deled with in a functional, efficient and cost-effective way.

We are Passionate

Passion for aesthetics and creativity derives from each individual customer and their views of design and functionality. Each project reflects a new opportunity for us to embark on our clients own personal world/style.

With a desire to dig to the core of the human experience, the team at David Melech Oliver Construction want to offer spaces which can positively affect a person’s daily experience. Regardless of the size, each project is unique and the approach taken towards it is methodically studied to provide an extraordinary experience for its users.

“Here at David Oliver Construction, we attempt to dive into each project’s potential and maximize it. We like to think outside the box and apply our skills to a wide array of projects, small and large. Ultimately, we would like to imagine a world where architecture has a delicate sensitivity and influences directly its surroundings.”

We Can Help You With:

Architectural Design Development

We offer complete Architectural Design services which include Architectural, and according to agreement, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Quantity Surveyor services, according to clients’ specific demands and needs.

Interior Design, 3D visualizations and photorealistic renders.

Together, we will co-create your dream interior design whether you’re looking to redesign your home or start fresh in a new place. Often incorporating your existing furniture or even come with you for in-store advice to assist in the choosing of every detail. We provide 3D visualizations of your indoor spaces that incorporate our style along with yours that will give you a sense of the final result.

Project Management

Main job when managing a construction project is to ensure that the construction site meets environmental, safety, structural, zoning and aesthetic standards. We determine and schedule different stages of the building process and synchronize the jobs that need to be done at the right order and time based on the architecture drawings.

Inspection & Consulting

Clients can also utilize our inspection consulting service whether on a construction of our own architectural creation or from second party affiliations and make professional judgments about a building. For example, if a client purchased a house/apartment/or any other type of building from a developing company, we can inspect the construction from the building stage and material standards to cost of the whole project and give a comprehensive analysis of the end result.

Business Plan

Through our work in the local construction industry, we have developed a strong understanding and knowledge of the costs and benefits of an investment (either in land or building property) and how to analyze it into a business plan that allows you to lay down the blueprint for your investment from start to finish. The service we provide ensures a full analysis of your position within the market and help you make the right choice that suits your needs.

Analysis of developing or construction budget

We create and guarantee a reliable estimate of the construction costs of your project. We schedule meetings with the consultants and suppliers and manage to justify a project on economic grounds and plan the means of financing it according to your budget. We present a full analysis of every part of the construction from start to finish.


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